GATE 02 Announcement – German Agile Testing and Exloratory Workshop

We are proud to announce the call for contributions for the second GATE workshop. It will be held in Munich, Germany on September 8th 2012. The main theme for the second workshop will be The future of Agile and Exploratory Testing We expect participants to submit content in line with this theme. We are interested […]


Blogging again..

What happened in the last year since I last wrote on this blog? Well, I was in a stage of being unhappy in my last job and that also distracted me from many other things. Now I a few months into my new job and found the inner peace again to write some blog posts. […]


German Agile Testing and Exloratory (GATE) Workshop

Ab gestern ist es offiziell: Markus Gärtner und ich organisieren den ersten deutschen Workshop zum Agilen und Explorativen Testen am ersten Oktoberwochenende 2011 (01 – 02.10.2011). Der Workshop wird unter dem Namen “GATE – German Agile Testing and Exloratory Workshop” veranstaltet und findet erstmalig in Hamburg, Deutschland statt. Ab heute können Einsendungen für Beiträge und […]


Does Testing have a color?

I was thinking about something today (soon you will know) and then thought “Hm, what would others say?”. The questions arose: What do I see in my head, if I think “Color + Testing”? Immediately RED and GREEN springs in my mind. Probably conditioned from the ominous “PASS/FAIL” visuals (addentum: I should write FAIL/PASS, since […]


Meet PACO for iPad

This heuristic can be used for all devices which makes use of orientation modes. Do you know PACO? He is the senior brother of PAOLO: NEW: Introducton of Communication aspect Portrait, Audio, Communication, Overlay Portrait: Orientation is one of the big features of the current device generation. Portrait, portrait upside-down, landscape left and landscape right […]


Self-Education: The R.S.W.P. heuristic

In 2010 I read a blog post about it takes like 10.000 hours of practice in a profession to become a master in it. This quote seems to be taken from the Book „Outliers“ from Malcom Gladwell. This instigated me to form a special kind of New Year resolution for 2011; that is to track […]


PAOLO heuristic for iPad

This heuristic can be used for all devices which makes use of orientation modes. Do you know PAOLO? He is a nice guy, as long as you don’t interfere with his expectations: (Update: Also have a look at his brother: PACO) Portrait, Audio, Objects , Landscape, Overlay Portrait: Does it support different display modes? How […]


Overview about Weekend Testing chapter and their timings

For me, who is always easy to confuse with “global” times, I need an overview in a sorted way. So I created this Excel table for myself and share it here; maybe it could be useful for others as well. The information are not complete yet, need some time to ask Ajay or Pradeep for […]


50th Weekend Testing session and „Pairing“

As one of my intentions for 2011, I want to restart with Weekend Testing. Summer 2010 was not a good time for being indoors at the weekend, so I stopped participating. I prefer the “Original” WT, which conveniently is around 9.30 AM local German time. Often I am just back from walking the dog and […]


QR Code – Blink heuristic

I was talking with a friend of mine after a little Selenium introduction session and we came to the topic of QR codes and how they use it in his company. Basically an encoded image is created, which allows you to download something. My friend pointed his HTC mobile with the “Barcoo” app to my […]