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Overview about Weekend Testing chapter and their timings

JPG image with sorted chapters by activity status

For me, who is always easy to confuse with “global” times, I need an overview in a sorted way. So I created this Excel table for myself and share it here; maybe it could be useful for others as well.

The information are not complete yet, need some time to ask Ajay or Pradeep for more information. OR I take the info from any comment here and incorporate them.

Mental note: Find out how to insert tables properly. Current attempts failed miserable. 🙁

Mental Note: Forget tables for now. Screenshot should be “good enough” for my context. 🙂 Still need to make the text searchable.. at least thats what I like to do.

Todo: Add links to facilitator blogs and twitter IDs. etc.pp => cleanup!

Update 12.01: Added WNT and Activity for WTANZ