About me

I am a lost soul.

Sometimes i get a glimpse and self recognition that i am lost.

Most of the time i meander along and dont see the greatness of mind.

Born on the bottom, raised to the middle… my life is a riddle.

Will there be a top place to reach? What remains, when the top is reached?

Is it not more wishable to be like Sysiphos, who is content with what he does? One persons perspective of punishment is another persons happy fulfillment.

Is Odysseus not the real loser in the end? What happens, when the tale is told? What happens after “.. ever after”?

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Alexei Vinogradov

    Hi Maik,

    hast du auch einen RSS-Feed für deinen Blog? Ich möchte es gern zu der Liste D-A-CH Testing Blogs aufnehmen.

    Das ist der resultierende Feed im Moment – http://feed.informer.com/share/8WQCUYB5Y3

    Ich arbeite noch dran eine vernünftige Seite dafür zu erstellen 🙂

    Viele Grüße


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