Month: Mai 2012


GATE auf Reisen, München Ahoi!

Schwer zu glauben, das der erste GATE Workshop (German Agile Testing and Exloratory) schon über ein halbes Jahr zurück liegt… Im Oktober 2011 starteten wir unsere Vision, einen Ableger einer Community Veranstaltung zu schaffen, welche es weltweit gibt und auch in Europa in einigen Ländern erfolgreich gestartet ist. Unsere Vision einer Low Budget, Non-Profit Veranstaltung […]


GATE 02 Announcement – German Agile Testing and Exloratory Workshop

We are proud to announce the call for contributions for the second GATE workshop. It will be held in Munich, Germany on September 8th 2012. The main theme for the second workshop will be The future of Agile and Exploratory Testing We expect participants to submit content in line with this theme. We are interested […]


Blogging again..

What happened in the last year since I last wrote on this blog? Well, I was in a stage of being unhappy in my last job and that also distracted me from many other things. Now I a few months into my new job and found the inner peace again to write some blog posts. […]