GATE auf Reisen, München Ahoi!

Schwer zu glauben, das der erste GATE Workshop (German Agile Testing and Exloratory) schon über ein halbes Jahr zurück liegt…

Im Oktober 2011 starteten wir unsere Vision, einen Ableger einer Community Veranstaltung zu schaffen, welche es weltweit gibt und auch in Europa in einigen Ländern erfolgreich gestartet ist.

Unsere Vision einer Low Budget, Non-Profit Veranstaltung ohne Eintritt haben wir umgesetzt und sind gut gestartet (betrachtet man die damals kurze Vorwarnzeit für Interessierte 🙂 ); mit Eusebiu Blindu hatten wir internationale Beteiligung und insgesamt sehr viel Spass.

Wir hatten im Kern die Diskussion/Fragestellung, was macht einen “Agilen Tester” aus und ich für meinen Teil habe noch viel Neues mitgenommen an Wissen.

Und endlich haben wir, dank Markus Gärtners Initiative, den zweiten GATE Workshop am Start. Er findet am 08. September 2012 in München statt.

Diesmal geht es um das Thema “Die Zukunft des Agilen und Explorativen Testen”

Wie immer erwarten wir von den Teilnehmern, das sie Beiträge zu diesem Thema einreichen.
Wir sind interessant an

  • innovativen Ansätzen im Testen
  • Kombinationen von Session- und Thread- Basierten Testmanagement
  • Kollaborative Wege zur Test Charta Erstellung
  • Testpraxis (Testing Dojos, Testautomation Codeklausur, Hands-on)

Einsendeschluss ist der 1. August 2012, schickt es bitte via EMail.

Genaueres findet ihr auf der GATE Seite.

Bei Fragen, Wünschen oder Feedback findet ihr Markus und mich auch online. 🙂

GATE 02 Announcement – German Agile Testing and Exloratory Workshop

We are proud to announce the call for contributions for the second GATE workshop. It will be held in Munich, Germany on September 8th 2012.

The main theme for the second workshop will be

The future of Agile and Exploratory Testing

We expect participants to submit content in line with this theme. We are interested in contributions such as

  • innovative approaches to testing
  • combining session- and thread-based test management
  • collaborative test chartering
  • testing in practice (Testing Dojos, Testautomation Coderetreat, Hands-on testing)

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure. We will be most glad to provide you feedback.

The language of the workshop will be dependent on the workshop participants. It might be German all day, but if we got international contribution, we might decide to hold the workshop in English.

If you want to attend the second German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop, come up with a contribution, and send it to us until August 1st. Further details on the attendees, the program, and travel information will be provided later.

If you are interested in the format, there have been quite a few of these peer workshops in the testing space recently. Here are some pointers:

Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing
Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing
London Exploratory Workshop in Testing
Calgary Perspectives On Software Testing
Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing

Hope to meet you in September 2012.

Blogging again..

What happened in the last year since I last wrote on this blog?

Well, I was in a stage of being unhappy in my last job and that also distracted me from many other things.
Now I a few months into my new job and found the inner peace again to write some blog posts.

I joined a consultancy which has a good setup for agile testing.

This brings along some new aspects for me.

First is being a Consultant.
I did not have that field in my focus, but some peers recommended it to me, so I pondered about it.
The biggest reason to leave the old work was the feeling, that I couldn’t bring the improvements I wanted to bring for the company.
Well, I still believe the improvements would have benefitted the company and that I was not biased and wanted to bring my ideas for the sake of them being mine.

This has been rubbing off on me for quite some time.. Winter 2010 roughly.

The consultant job might help me with that factor. At least I can leave the client, when the project is over and he hasn’t listened to my advice. 🙂
I hope it plays out in practice as well as in theory. 🙂

Currently I am in a “traditional” project; assisting the test management in a migration from Hosts to SAP IS-U environment.
Very cool. First I learn SAP, second I learn working in a “big” company (coming from middle size firm is a *huge* difference) and third, my help and expertise is really acknowledged and sought after.
That’s a double cool and feels *really* nice.

Second aspect is shaping and sharpening the agile setup of our company.
I work on defining workshop formats and content, on long term new business areas, marketing material and what now.
Since I was always a “Jack-of-all-Trades”, this is also a big benefit for me.
Plus it challenges me also in a good way to think up content and ideas.

Third: I have tester collegues!!!
How cool is that? Working for 3+ years as the Army of One was more exhausting than I recognized before.
Even with the now and then Weekend Testing exchange or user group meetings, I rarely had the chance to discuss testing stuff and bounce ideas.
Or get corrected, when I forgot an important factor in my approach. So YAY for tester buddies.

Fourth I meet so many interesting people.
I did some workshops and testing dojos in a medical device company. Quite some stuff they have and do there.
I also met global testers in the trainings I attended (did I tell already, that my company is big on education their employees..) and got a lot of exposures to different industries, approaches and live experiences from them.

So yeah, 2012 started well. And I hope the Mayans were wrong, otherwise it would *really* suck.

To keep my promise I made (when I find a good job..) I got myself a tribal Ganapathi.
So I also found a new tattoo artist, which I might consult again. 🙂

Thanks for reading along,