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“Works with my body” is the new “works on my machine”

Works with my body

Virtual reality In the world of VR, motion sickness is one of the biggest maker or breaker of an awesome immersive experience. Works with my body Immersion is *the* key factor for VR. Because if that is not the factor, maybe VR was not the right approach; maybe AR would have been more fitting? Motion […]


Test Pyramid enhanced: Making the triangle a pyramid

Enhanced test pyramid

The ominous Test pyramid While coming back from attending an awesome Automation in Testing (#AiT) workshop from Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw; I came across this tweet from Mark about the automation test pyramid: Tweet from Mark Winteringham There are different styles and names of “the” pyramid; test pyramid, automation pyramid, etc. In my opinion, […]

Agile Spiele Allgemein

Agile Jenga – ein Spieleklassiker im agilen Einsatz

A tower of blocks with written numbers in different colors

Agile Jenga Jenga ist ein Geschicklichkeitsspiel aus dem Jahre 1983. Mehr Informationen gibt es im Wiki Artikel Jenga. Agile Jenga nutzt den Spieleklassiker “Jenga!” zur Wissensvermittlung im IT Kontext. Es übernimmt die Grundidee des Turms (“Produkt”) und des Konstruierens (“Entwicklung”) in den Kontext der Softwareentwicklung. Durch die haptische Erfahrung und den spielerischen Ansatz bleibt das […]


Barcamp experience – Sessions and outlook for 2018

After my blog post from the perspective of an organizer, here is my barcamp experience report as an attendee. Barcamp experience, the introduction Around 40 people gathered on this Saturday and the barcamp started.  Stephan Roth did a great job to introduce the Open Space format and soon after we started writing and presenting our […]


Barcamp – The first for testers and how we created it


A Barcamp only for quality interested people? On a Saturday? With an entrance fee? Crazy! Could that work? Was there enough passion and interest in the community? It turns it, it overwhelmingly was. The starting point End of April 2017 there was a blog post in the Hamburg Software Test User Group (STUGHH) from Georg […]


Agile hiring – a practical example

Agile hiring as based on interviews we do for Tester (people who’s primary role in the team will be the testing activities). Via twitter I came across a blog post from Cassandra H. Leung (@tweet_cassandra) about Tester Interviews: Techniques and Tasks which describes on a high level, how a diverse set of techniques can be […]

Allgemein Tips

Social media tags can enhance your posts and increase your reach

Social Media Tags … Part of working as an agile tester in a News environment is taking care, that the features, which impacts the spread and reach of the news articles are working, so as not to lose out on readers and followers. So whenever we have a new article type or sharing feature, I […]


Toolkit for Test competitions

As part of our talk at the Nordic Testing Days 2016 about “Bake your own STWC (Software Testing World Cup)”, we presented a checklist for the different roles involved in a testing competition. If you plan to participate or organize a testing competition, this can be a guideline, what to consider and keep an eye. […]


Social Engineering leichtgemacht oder die Geschichte des abgehackten Kopfes

Es kommt ja häufig vor, das man Gesprächsfetzen in der U-Bahn mitbekommt. Meistens sind diese belanglos oder so „anonymisiert“, das man keine Namen oder Firmen heraushört. Heute morgen in der Hamburger U-Bahn war das leider nicht so. Die nächsten Absätze sind aus dem Gedächtnis niedergeschrieben, es waren allerdings so viele Informationen, das ich ggf. einige […]

Allgemein Testeralltag Tips

How to incorporate your ears to check log files

Today my irritation level was high enough to act. What happened? While working on some Capybara tests, I was switching forth and back between the editor, the browser and the logfile terminal on the 2nd monitor to investigate if errors showed up in the log file. If you ever tailed a file on a Linux […]