Does Testing have a color?

I was thinking about something today (soon you will know) and then thought “Hm, what would others say?”.

The questions arose: What do I see in my head, if I think “Color + Testing”?

Immediately RED and GREEN springs in my mind.
Probably conditioned from the ominous “PASS/FAIL” visuals (addentum: I should write FAIL/PASS, since RED is mostly connected with FAIL… would fill another book to go into that psychological conditioning).

When I focus on AGILE.. somehow I also see GREEN, maybe a lighter shade.
When I focus on CONTEXT, I see BLUE.

Have I seen somewhere in a blog this connection? Is it, cause James Bach Twitter Icon has a blue background? My Unconsciousness won’t answer me… bugger.

So fellow testers and interested people.. what do you see, when you think about COLOR and TESTING?

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