Insight and Reflextion on TeamSTAR 2010

While the competition of TeamSTAR 2010 has just opened and is still going on, i already can lean back and reflect, what i learned from this lesson:

I am impressed with most of the finalists. I like their approach as much as their professional videocut.
Makes me wish in hindsight to have spent some more time on preparation and technical setup… Anyways.

I had fun, liked my idea (if i can say so myself) and it was a nice team event.

What else?
Had to cope with a kind of jealous and dispirited emotions.. not nice as such, but at least a lesson to learn how to cope with it.. 🙂

Another thing, which was also mentioned on TesterTested blog and which might have come true here as well: The voting system.

I understand, that setting up a system needs to balance between ease of use (less people would use it, if the hassle factor is too high) and exploit-proof on the other hand.

The team from EuroSTAR (thanks to Kevin for all the patience he showed) did a good job, compared to the VideoSTAR voting earlier to use. That voting was way too easy to fool and misuse.

Now the only thing left to consider, in my very personal eyes, is how to implement a kind of “fairness” factor.

(Here we can safely leave the area of EuroSTAR).

This of course is true with most (all?) kind of public voting/elections.

While it is legit to rally friends, collegues plus people who actually like your topic, it always has the risk, that numbers matter most.

Its a double-edged sword.. one has to respect the majority, but should numbers really be the only legitimate factor..

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