Overview about Weekend Testing chapter and their timings

JPG image with sorted chapters by activity status

For me, who is always easy to confuse with “global” times, I need an overview in a sorted way. So I created this Excel table for myself and share it here; maybe it could be useful for others as well.

The information are not complete yet, need some time to ask Ajay or Pradeep for more information. OR I take the info from any comment here and incorporate them.

Mental note: Find out how to insert tables properly. Current attempts failed miserable. 🙁

Mental Note: Forget tables for now. Screenshot should be “good enough” for my context. 🙂 Still need to make the text searchable.. at least thats what I like to do.

Todo: Add links to facilitator blogs and twitter IDs. etc.pp => cleanup!

Update 12.01: Added WNT and Activity for WTANZ

2 thoughts on “Overview about Weekend Testing chapter and their timings”

  1. Great list, thanks for putting it together. As for WTANZ, I participated in a session with them in December, so I can vouch for them being active :).

    –Michael Larsen

  2. At first sight, you missed at least the WeekNight Testing sessions which took place twice so far. We have the next appointment tomorrow night, though I’m not sure if that information is put up anywhere publicly.

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