PotsLightning 2014 and STWC Antarctica wildcard team

Are you going to the Agile Testing Days‎? Why not come one day before and enjoy the company of fellow testing professionals? Potslightning gives you the (open) space to talk about topics from our craft, which focus on what the attendees want to talk about.

You want to discuss, how the advancement of mobile devices has advanced from mere mobile phones to new kinds of “things”? And how that changes our working area as testers?

Maybe you want to hear, how and why the winner teams of the STWC choose their testing strategy and reports; which scored them a place in the final round of the world cup.

BYOT: Bring your own topic. You have an area you want to talk about? Bring it along and put it to the vote for the other participants. Maybe it’s the newest trend or information, which we all are interested in.

If you are pumped up from a day of full testing passion, why not put it to the test (pun intended).

Open Space attendees:

George Dinwiddie (The Three Amigos concept),  Oana Juncu (Storytelling), Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, Matt Heusser, Helena Kolpakova, (Embedded System), Carl, STWC New Zealand Champions: Joshua Urieli, Joseph Walker, Henry Ashton-Martyn and Mark Tokumaru

This years PotsLightning will also be connected with the STWC.

We will create a 4 person team from interested participants, who will enter the final round of STWC as the wildcard team “Antarctica”.

If you are interested, sent me an email with your details, your topic ideas and why you should be one of the 20 participants. Please also indicate, if you are interested to play in the Final round of STWC.


The third PotsLightning peer workshop will be held on 9th of November 2014.
It is lined up on the sunday before the Agile Testing Days 2014 conference.

Some people are arriving the weekend before and now they have the chance to attend also a workshop with peers in a relaxed atmosphere.

We will do an Open Space format as not to restrict the flow via setting a strict theme upfront.

Plus we offer a small competition (max. 20 players) to be team “STWC Antarctica” and particpate in the STWC Finals round on Monday, 10th November 2014 on the AgileTestingDays.

If you are interested to attend, please contact us via email.
Should you already know a topic you want to talk about, feel free to sent it in the email.

Twitter Hashtag:

Here are the information in short:

Date: 09.11.2014
City: Potsdam, Germany
Venue: Dorint Hotel

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