Works with my body

“Works with my body” is the new “works on my machine”

Virtual reality

In the world of VR, motion sickness is one of the biggest maker or breaker of an awesome immersive experience. Works with my body

Immersion is *the* key factor for VR.

Because if that is not the factor, maybe VR was not the right approach; maybe AR would have been more fitting?

Motion sickness

TL;DR: “… Motion sickness is a condition in which a disagreement exists between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system‘s sense of movement. ..” —Wikipedia

There are many factors, which can influence each persons experience in VR.

One main factor, which is more prominent than in regular software usages, is the *human*; be it the folks, who design and implement the VR experience, but also the tester, who needs to put on the head-mounted display (HMD) and test inside the VR experience.

Some of the factors, which I might write about in seperate blog posts are:

  • height of the developer vs. the height of the user and the testers.
  • Framerate of the VR experience
  • Movement approch inside the VR experience
  • ….


Most folks have heard a developer say “It works on my machine”.

So I build upon that and created a new version for VR: “Works with my body”.


Works with my body

Works with my body
A dev of 1,50 m height and a person in VR with 1,70 m height, who is vomiting due to bad VR motion sickness


The visual art was created by Franziska Haaf, an awesome design artist working with my current company MaibornWolff .

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