Bug reporting “on the fly” or with “timely distance” ? (Focus – Defocus)

Today i used BBTestAssistant to record some sessions.
I put my notes directly into the tool to make best use of the integrated timestamp and the option to jump directly to the scene in the movie. (HINT: Move mouse to bottom of screen and the notes window pops up and pauses the recording).

At the end of the day i went through my recordings and the observations and sorted them; mostly transferring them into the bug tracking system (TFS) , made nice screenshots with markers, etc.pp.

One of the observations i had already (mentally) put as “bug” and written some notes accordingly.

Now.. with some hours distance i saw that i missed another reason, why the behaviour could have happened as it was.

So i kept the entry on hold and made a task for myself to retest and verify with my new finding/assumption.

Next day i retested the observation with my new information at hand and – vòila – it wasn’t a bug, but a misunderstanding on my side.

Long story short:
Another example, where focusing — defocusing was helpful.

But.. Do i have the time for this in the daily treadmill? Mh, not always.
How many bugs were reported, where i could have provided more details? Or where it wasnt a bug at all?


Take the time if schedule allows to gather observations and review them at a later stage.

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