Odysseus, Hercules or an unknown crew mate?

Good question eh?
While i am not suffering from hybris, sometimes i feel like i do my part of the heroic deeds, the great heroes of their time did.

I like to invent my own version of the cruise of Odysseus and his ship.
In my version, all kind of other heroes are aboard his ship as well. Hercules, Icarus and you-name-it.

Makes its easier to find testing analogies..
Hercules cleaning out King Augeas stables?
Sysiphos and his stone?
Prometheus and his quest to give the fire to mortals?
Hercules (again) and the Hydra?

Maybe Hercules should have been the captain of the ships in the Odyssee… and why dont the ship has a name? Lets mix it up totally and make Hercules the captain of the Argo…
Mh, something to ponder about.

And who i am in this fantastic storyline? Well, i like to see myself currently as the unknown crew mate.
Not in a sense like in Star Trek, mind you.
Remember? You see Captain Kirk and his mates with an never-seen-before crew member? Well, dont bother, he is dead as soon as he leaves the teleporter…

No, i think more of the unknown crew mate, who works and lives side-by-side with the heroes and puts his effort into the mission of the whole gang. Maybe mentioned in a historic footnote. 😉

Avast and off we go.

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