STWC – Software Testing World Cup – Changes for 2015/2016

The official STWC website has gone public with the new information about the next STWC. There are some changes and one of the obvious ones is the team registration fee of 40 Euro per Team (10 Euro per team member). While the reasoning can also be found on that site, I want to explain some […]


PotsLightning 2014 and STWC Antarctica wildcard team

Are you going to the Agile Testing Days‎? Why not come one day before and enjoy the company of fellow testing professionals? Potslightning gives you the (open) space to talk about topics from our craft, which focus on what the attendees want to talk about. You want to discuss, how the advancement of mobile devices […]


A statistic for STWC – Software Testing World Cup

Here is some visual represenation on a world map with the registered people as of 11th February 2014. Quite cool; maybe I should have really put Antarctica in it as well…


Official Announcement – STWC – Software Testing World Cup

We are proud to announce the first annual Software Testing World Cup (STWC)! Imagine a world test competition, held over the internet, on your continent, in a time zone that is reasonable for you, on a Saturday, with local judges you know and respect. STWC is a global event with a sportive, competitive character for […]


English kindergarden “Little Feet” opened

For anyone looking for a child day care center, there is a new one in Hamburg East; between the area of Farmsen, Berne and Rahlstedt. Easily reachable with public transport and with convenient parking for car arrivals. It is run by two experienced professionals, Mrs. Michelle Rose and Mrs. Patricia Vlasa. Both have worked the […]


Skurriles aus dem Testeralltag

Note: For my non-German reading peeps: A translation would loose out on the word play; sorry. Manche Anekdoten kann nur das Leben selber produzieren. Wenn man die Analogie der 1000 Affen und das Werk eines Shakespears bemühen will… Hat allerdings mehr Dada oder Haiku Charakter. Kurzer Hintergrund: Die Anforderung war, einen Wert in der Auswahlliste […]


Experience report on a Miagi-Do challenge

I was attending the test automation day in Rotterdam, where I had the chance to meet a few Miagi-Do fellows and took the opportunity to ask for a challenge. Huib Schoots (@huibschoots), Jean-Paul Varwijk (@Arborosa) and Matt Heusser (@mheusser) gave me the chance and we sat down for it between some sessions. Huib took the […]

Allgemein Workshops

2. PotsLightning announcement

The second PotsLightning peer workshop will be held on 27th of October 2013. It is lined up on the sunday before the Agile Testing Days 2013 conference. Some people are arriving the weekend before and now they have the chance to attend also a workshop with peers in a relaxed atmosphere. This year we will […]


Scrum in your daily life

At the AgileCoachCamp (#ACCDE12) I attended a wonderful session named „Scrum in your daily life“. Deborah W. (#weberde) brought this session up and chose an outdoor location. We started with six participants and the idea was to share stories, where one had applied Scrum or other agile elements in her or his personal life. Deborah […]


AgileCoachCamp 2012 (DE)

Last weekend was the AgileCoachCamp 2012 (#accde12) in Rückersbach, Germany. I got lucky and my spot on the waiting list came through. Willingness to share a double room with a stranger surely helped. The seminar place was marvelous. It had more than half a dozen rooms for sessions and also two forum sized rooms for […]