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Toolkit for Test competitions

As part of our talk at the Nordic Testing Days 2016 about “Bake your own STWC (Software Testing World Cup)”, we presented a checklist for the different roles involved in a testing competition. If you plan to participate or organize a testing competition, this can be a guideline, what to consider and keep an eye. […]


STWC – Software Testing World Cup – Changes for 2015/2016

The official STWC website has gone public with the new information about the next STWC. There are some changes and one of the obvious ones is the team registration fee of 40 Euro per Team (10 Euro per team member). While the reasoning can also be found on that site, I want to explain some […]


PotsLightning 2014 and STWC Antarctica wildcard team

Are you going to the Agile Testing Days‎? Why not come one day before and enjoy the company of fellow testing professionals? Potslightning gives you the (open) space to talk about topics from our craft, which focus on what the attendees want to talk about. You want to discuss, how the advancement of mobile devices […]


A statistic for STWC – Software Testing World Cup

Here is some visual represenation on a world map with the registered people as of 11th February 2014. Quite cool; maybe I should have really put Antarctica in it as well…


Official Announcement – STWC – Software Testing World Cup

We are proud to announce the first annual Software Testing World Cup (STWC)! Imagine a world test competition, held over the internet, on your continent, in a time zone that is reasonable for you, on a Saturday, with local judges you know and respect. STWC is a global event with a sportive, competitive character for […]